Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To All the Jobless

Last night, my husband and I watched "Up in the Air," and while I know the movie is really supposed to make you think about the irony of traveling all the time but still feeling lonely, it really made me feel for all the people out there who have lost their jobs during this recession. We've had friends who have been let go during this past year, and I've spoken with bloggers who are really leaning on their blogs for some income while they or their husbands look for something.

We all love complaining about our jobs now and again, and I have friends who are at the point of their careers where they're trying to figure out what it is they really want to do. However, those of us who have a steady income should take a minute, sit back, and realize how lucky we are that we're not trying to figure out how to pay all of our bills or restore our pride after losing a job.

Even though every single one of my friends who have been impacted by a company cut-back have ended up in a better situation, the time in-between is absolutely draining and heartbreaking. So, to all of you who have dealt with the loss of a job, I salute you for being incredibly strong and, many times, really creative in dealing with your situation.

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  1. Great post and great reminder. I was just at a counseling conference the other day so I can keep my license valid and I was thinking about how much I really don't like my field anymore. Not even sure I want to go back to it someday. But I do feel for all those who are being let go, whether it's a job they love or not.

    And I want to see that movie!