Monday, March 1, 2010

Mom Tip Monday

OK, so on Mondays (I can't promise it will be every Monday), I will share a tip that helps me, my family, or my son stay sane :) It won't necessarily be thought-provoking, but hopefully it will be something that makes your life a bit easier. Hopefully other moms, aunts, grandmas, nannies, etc. will respond with additional tips each time.

First tip (courtesy of my husband who figured out to do this) - turn the toiletpaper roll around so that you have to reach behind it to pull the sheets down. That way, when your little one walks up and starts rolling the toiletpaper (which mine does every single time he walks into a bathroom), you're not left with the entire roll on the floor. I don't quite have a tip yet about what to do when they figure this out and start pulling on the sheets. :)


  1. love this! i love the idea of the posts and the tip itself. we have our TP in a silver ice bucket type thing - it fits 8-10 rolls - that sits on the floor next to the toilet. the tip wont help us, but i like it nonetheless!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I'm intrigued by TP in a silver ice bucket. Sounds much more creative than just on a regular ol' TP roll!!!