Monday, March 22, 2010

Mom Tip Monday: Household goods play kit

At 16 months, my baby boy LOVES assembling things and taking them apart. The thing is, he'd much rather work with every other object in my house except his toys that are specifically made for young ones. For instance, every time I'm in the bathroom, he's trying to pull out all of my cosmetics and twist the lids off or moving things from drawer to drawer.

So, we got wise to this and created a play kit for the kitchen. This way, he can use real household goods that are still safe for his little hands. Our kit is a metal colander that we fill with his baby bottles (including all the innards), plastic cups, plastic spoons, plastic lids, etc. The colander makes a to squat next to - he even enjoys sitting in it now and again. All of the items fit nicely inside each other and even stack perfectly. And, his Dr. Brown's bottles are easy enough for a toddler to pull apart and put back together.

This play kit keeps our little one entertained for up to a half hour while we make dinner in the evenings, so I highly recommend creating your own version! Anyone else have a "household good" play kit idea?

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  1. Rayna loves to go through toiletry bags, so I keep one in the bathroom cabinet filled with random trial size bottles, q-tips or whatever (maybe q-tips are dangerous?!) and she likes to take it all out and look at them and then put them all back in.
    Great idea for the kitchen!
    <3 Bay