Sunday, January 3, 2010

So I started a blog...

This year, in my quest to dive into social media and understand it a bit more, I started a Facebook page, re-activated my Twitter account, and today I'm starting a blog. Now, I'm a mom, and I'll be writing a lot about my life as a mom (definitely not solely that), but I started wondering if that made me a "mommy blogger." Oh to be a mommy blogger. In my industry (marketing), these are some of the most powerful people in the world. Honestly, we talk about mommy bloggers on a daily basis. We want to know everything about them: how to reach them, how to meet their purchasing needs, how to "engage" with them, etc.

When I thought about whether or not I fit into this category, I started wondering what the true definition of mommy blogger is (some people write it as one word: mommyblogger). My definition is simply a mom who writes about stuff that interests other moms. I certainly don't think the content is necessarily ONLY interesting to other moms, but most of the women in this particular target fit into that category. There's not much to this definition, so I "Google" the term "defining mommy blogger," and I come up with a couple other descriptions. At, this blogger says a mommy blogger is “a woman who writes passionately about her life and life as she sees it, sharing some good ideas, products, and more along the way.” Stephanie Smirnov says it's a "woman with offspring who maintains online personal journal filled with reflections, comments, and hyperlinks, shared chronologically." However you want to describe this incredibly savvy group of women, I love thinking of myself in this light. Not because I can talk about my 13-month-old all the time (I promise I won't), but because I feel like I've joined this exclusive club where I'm now free to express my thoughts on anything and everything that affects my daily life as a mom, which is truly the toughest but most rewarding adventure I've ever been a part of. What great therapy!!

So, I started a blog, and I'm really excited about it.


  1. Congratulations on starting a blog. Trust me... it will soon become an "addiction". LOL!

    I'm a mother, and I blog, but I don't necessarily consider myself a "Mommy Blogger". In some ways I am because I do blog about my family and I review children's books, toys and other products. However I DO have other interests and I wear "many hats". I am married, I have a home business, I am a freelance writer & photographer and I have a plethora of pets (aka my Mini-Zoo). I have many interests and curiosities that I blog about.

    Being a Mommy Blogger is just one of many aspects of who I am and what I blog about.

    I find it interesting that PR companies talk about Mommy Bloggers so much. That is good to know! I do agree that Mommy Bloggers are the ideal blogger to target for campaigns, and not just "mom" related things either.

    Good luck with your blog.

  2. I have been blogging since this summer. I started my blog when my family (husband and two boys) moved away from "home". My husband got a job and we moved about 4 hours from our families. I started the blog to keep family updated on US. It was a private blog, still is. I recently lost my father (November) and the blog started to be a journal for me. I therefore created a new blog for just that purpose. My journal. I keep the other blog private still (a little weary about strangers seeing videos of my kids!). My blog is about grief mostly, but has recently become about other things. I struggle with what category I fit in - mommy blogger, etc. It's an interesting thing, and I just wanted to share my thoughts. I felt like I have thought about the same things as you, in your first post. GOOD LUCK blogging!